Spirits of San Diego exists to bring craft-made liqueurs and vodkas to market. The combination of simplicity and craftsmanship of our alcohol products is what makes Spirits of San Diego stand out.

About us

Limoncello isn’t just any drink, it carries a spirit of togetherness when properly enjoyed with others. Our founders spent years finding the best lemons possible, perfecting the recipe and sharing it with others. After seeing the joy it brings to others, and being simultaneously disappointed with the options available on store shelves, they founded Spirits of San Diego and began crafting a way to produce the same recipe on a commercial scale so that countless others could share in the superior taste and the spirit of togetherness.

What is limoncello?

Limoncello is a traditional Italian liqueur that is especially popular in southern Italy for its crisp refreshing and smooth taste. This recipe has been built on tradition and tailored to fit the laid back sunny San Diego style.

Our Process

Most limoncellos available on shelves are mass-produced with corner-cutting technology and are artificially flavored or overly sweetened. You may have even tried one of these and concluded limoncello isn’t for you.

Unlike the others, we believe the best taste comes only from natural ingredients, so we don’t use any artificial flavoring or coloring agents; only real lemons. 

Our lemons are sourced directly from local small farms and hand peeled for maximum quality. The natural flavors and oils are extracted over time. When it’s ready, the mixture is triple filtered and blended according to the final recipe. 

No Added Colors

No Artificial Flavors

No Flavor Additives