Blood Orange Lemondrop

Take your lemondrop to the next level with this blood orange and limoncello mixture. This is beyond the standard: blood orange, limoncello, and meyer lemons! what is not to like about it! Ingredients: 1/2 of a freshly juiced moro blood orange 1 full freshly juiced Meyer lemon 2 shots Vodka by Spirits of San DiegoContinue reading “Blood Orange Lemondrop”

Blueberry Caipirovska

This vodka makes a perfect smooth cocktail. Use up some of those extra blueberries to make this unique and exciting drink. Ingredients: 2 parts Vodka by Spirits of San Diego 1.5 parts blueberry Simple 1 lime Instructions: Muddle one lime in a shaker. Pour in other ingredients. Shake with ice and pour into your favoriteContinue reading “Blueberry Caipirovska”