The World’s Easiest Hot Toddy

Winters can be harsh, and nothing dampens our moods like overly complicated recipes. Fortunately we invented a simple and superior tasting hot toddy to help us get through this one. Ingredients: 1 1/2 shots of Whiskey 1 1/2 shots of Limoncello of San Diego 1 cup of hot water Dash of vanilla extract (optional) AContinue reading “The World’s Easiest Hot Toddy”

Whiskey Smash

Revive this classic cocktail from a bygone era and impress even your most knowledgable friends. This drink is super classy but it is even tastier than it is classy. Originally conceived in the 19th century, the whiskey smash is reminiscent of simpler times and pre-prohibition cocktails. Our take on the whiskey smash makes it evenContinue reading “Whiskey Smash”