The Wedding Favor

Limoncello makes for a fantastic toast, as seen here. Serve it in a cordial glass and give an epically memorable toast to family, friends, and to good times. But another way to incorporate it into a wedding would be to leave a mini bottle as a favor for each of your guests. ‘Cause they mightContinue reading “The Wedding Favor”

Grapefruit Limoncello

Not everyone likes grapefruit, but those who do will love this. Our limoncello both sweetens it and softens the bite of this unique citrus. ‘nough said. Ingredients: 1 shot Limoncello of San Diego 3 shots fresh squeezed grapefruit juice Instructions: Pour each of the ingredients in a martini glass, gently stir and enjoy! Pro tip:Continue reading “Grapefruit Limoncello”

Credit: Marc Harris Photography

Blueberry Caipirovska

This vodka makes a perfect smooth cocktail. Use up some of those extra blueberries to make this unique and exciting drink. Ingredients: 2 parts Vodka by Spirits of San Diego 1.5 parts blueberry Simple 1 lime Instructions: Muddle one lime in a shaker. Pour in other ingredients. Shake with ice and pour into your favoriteContinue reading “Blueberry Caipirovska”


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