Blood Orange Lemondrop

Take your lemondrop to the next level with this blood orange and limoncello mixture. This is beyond the standard: blood orange, limoncello, and meyer lemons! what is not to like about it! Ingredients: 1/2 of a freshly juiced moro blood orange 1 full freshly juiced Meyer lemon 2 shots Vodka by Spirits of San DiegoContinue reading “Blood Orange Lemondrop”

Citrus Shimmer

Forget mimosas. Step up your brunch game with this surprisingly easy recipe with deliciously complex flavors. Toss back one or two of these with breakfast to make it a shimmery day. Ingredients: 1 oz orange juice 1/2 oz Limoncello of San Diego 3 oz Sparkling wine of your choice Instructions: Pour orange juice, Limoncello ofContinue reading “Citrus Shimmer”


Ingredients: Champagne (or sparking wine) 1 Shot Limoncello of San Diego Lemon wedge (optional) Thinking Mimosa? Think again. Start by leaving the orange juice where it belongs: with it’s other sober breakfast friends. Instead: take your chilled bottle of champagne and grab an ice-cold bottle of Limoncello of San Diego. Pour the champagne in aContinue reading “Limosa”